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Prague For The Entire Family!

Taking a holiday with the entire family doesn’t always have to be a headache – you just have to find the right destination that will suit all your needs! Whether you’re travelling with energetic kids or young adults looking for the local hipster scene, Prague is a great place to take a break this year, and it’s not as expensive as you might think either. City breaks have a reputation for depleting your bank account, from expensive extra restaurant charges to pricey hotel rooms, but thankfully there are plenty of ways Prague can accommodate for any budget. This guide by the team at Cheapflights.co.uk takes a look at how the whole family can have a great time in Prague this year.

The Old and New Town

Prague is made up of four districts, however the Old Town and the New Town are the most popular when it comes to tourists. If you’re looking for culture and history on your city vacation, then Prague has it all, especially in the Old Town. From Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture everywhere you look, to traditional cafés, restaurants and market places, getting lost in the Old Town is an adventure in itself, and really must be experienced.

Then there’s the New Town, a splendid and seamless mixture of historic buildings and modern city life. If you’re staying in the New Town, you’ll only have to walk a few feet from your hotel to find some great shopping, luxury restaurants or entertaining street acts. Sparta Prague and Slavia Prague, two of the country’s biggest football teams, are only a short bus ride away, and with music venues all over the city, your favourite band might even be playing!

The Beer

If you and your loved one do manage to catch a break from your teenagers, why not leave them in the hotel watch movies and ordering room service while you check out Prague’s great pub and bar scene! One of the best things about Prague is the price of the beer, and although spirits remained banned, the price of beer is at an all time low. In some places, you can even get a pint of local beer or ale for £1!

The Art Galleries

The architectural movements that Prague has seen during its vast history come hand in hand with its great selection of art galleries, and these magnificent buildings house some of the world’s most famous masterpieces. If you’re after some culture on your city vacation, then the art galleries are superb place to start, and many of them don’t even charge to get in; just be sure to make a donation when you leave though.


Czech cuisine is some of the most diverse in the world, as the country has been influenced by some European heavyweights over the years. The traditional dishes are usually made up of soups, dumplings, cabbage and duck, however Czech cooking is best experienced away from the restaurants, and more towards the small gastro pubs in the suburbs.

Musings on Meanderings

Prague sure is one great family destination and I would love to visit it one day with my little man!  🙂

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