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The Australian Aborigines

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I got this card from one of our RR {round robin} games in one of my postcard groups on Facebook, The Aussie Postcards! I hosted those 2 RR and our themes are Lighthouses and colorful festivals. For those who are not in the know, the way to play this game is to simply get a number of people and swap with those people according to the themes agreed upon.

This beautiful Australian Aborigines postcard is from the colorful festival RR. Annie, who sent this said this is the closest one she can find for the theme and I really do not mind. I simply love it!

The Aborigines are also known as the indigenous Australians, the original inhabitants of the Australian continent. This postcard depicts some of their ancient traditions that are still being practice up to the present times, including spear fishing, making tools out of wood, and playing the traditional didgeridoo {see the lower-most, right part of the card}. This is played by eastern Kimberley region and Arnhem Land people.

Thanks Annie for sending this card, this is a lovely addition to my collection! 🙂