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Postcard Frenzy

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the little man with our parcel, in front of the Malolos Main Post Office

Late in August, a fellow Postcrossing Enthusiast member offered to buy me a number of postcards from this bookstore in Greenhills which I have never visited before and have no prospect of visiting soon. The bookstore is slated to close down very soon so they are putting up most of their stocks on sale.

postcards, swapping, postcrossing

Last Thursday, a parcel arrived in the Post Office for me and to say that I was very excited to open it is really quite an understatement! I am thrilled at the sight of it, having waited for it for a couple of weeks. You can just probably imagine the surprise I got when I opened the envelope and saw a bunch of lovely postcards. I bought about a hundred cards in different beautiful designs.

My favorites will have to be the whales and the vintage postcards from several decades ago. It might take a while for me to update my swap album,  but I will make sure to update here, too, once I did. I shall be swapping these babies with UNESCO Heritage Sites, map cards and Disney cards that I do not have in my collection. I hope to swap with you soon!

Thank you so much sis Annie for buying all these beautiful cards for me! ^_^

Another Batch of New Postcards for Swap

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It has been sometime since I have last visited the local Puregold for our grocery errand and to buy some postcards, too, since Jared’s dad was sweet enough to do the grocery for me. That is why I am quite excited when I finally had the chance to go there again the last time we did our groceries. It was only here that I get to buy these big beautiful postcards that I add to my collection of postcards for swap. I do not know when I’d be able to come down here again so I made sure to choose a number of postcards to add to my stash.

Check out my newly-bought cards. I will be swapping this for US map cards, for lovely Gotochi cards, or for any interesting card that catches my fancy. If you are interested in any of these cards, you may check them all out here and send me a message using my contact form.  :-))

A Parcel from Indonesia

Indonesia, swapping, postcards, souvenirs

I receive this little envelope from Indonesia a few months back. I really love receiving surprises from the mail, especially envelopes filled with wonderful goodies that I am not even expecting! So you can just imagine how thrilled I am to get this one 🙂

Turned out it came from one of the people from a swap game I participated in last December. I was not able to get the very first envelope she send and it was too kind of her to volunteer to send me another one and it was a good thing I received it this time! Apart from the postcards, she also filled the envelope with other lovely stuff from her country!

Indonesia, swapping, postcards, souvenirs

The parcel includes the following surprises: Continue reading