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Kid Friendly Activities in Sydney

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Bondi Beach in Sydney

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and Australia’s most populated city while also being a very popular destination for people travelling to Australia to visit. Sometimes travelling with children can be a worry as you are not sure if there will be enough for them to do and keep them happy. When planning on travelling to Sydney you should not worry at all, there are so many fun attractions that are perfect for families and children and here are just some of them that will keep you all entertained.

Taronga Zoo

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is a fantastic place for you to bring your family. The zoo is home to hundreds of different species from around the world which will keep the kids amazed and enthralled. Species such as the African Crested Porcupine, the African Lion, Tortoise and the American Alligator are just a few of the animals that live there.

Powerhouse Museum

This museum is located in Darling Harbour making it easy enough to find. Many of the exhibits inside the Powerhouse Museum are interactive and your kids will love exploring the different holographic images, touch screen computers and the numerous science experiments that they can take part in.

Sydney Aquarium

The Sydney Aquarium is also located in Darling Harbour meaning you could potentially make a day trip around the different places there to keep your kids happy. The aquarium has a reputation as being one of the best attractions that Sydney has to offer and is home to over 1200 aquatic animals and 650 different species.

Inside the aquarium, you will be able to explore the tanks by travelling through the underwater viewing tunnels which will thrill the children as they get to see the different animals from a number of views.

Sydney Observatory

The Sydney Observatory is a beautiful stone building that offers you and your family a chance to take a virtual trip to the moon, other planets such as Jupiter and the sun and the solar system. The observatory also has a 3D theatre where you can enjoy exploring the universe from the comforts of planet Earth.

The observatory also holds night visits which you need to book in advance. This is a fun way for your children to explore the night skies and learn about the solar system, planets and star formations.

Bondi Beach

The world famous Bondi Beach is a must visit for anyone who travels to Sydney. The beach has plenty of activities that the kids can get involved in such as surfing or swimming and there are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants for any refreshments that the family might need throughout the day. Look for the best deals on flights to Sydney online where you can shop around and save yourself some money.

Luna Park Sydney

This park was originally opened in 1935 and is one of the oldest amusement parks in Australia. Over a million people visit the amusement park every year and will provide your kids with ample entertainment as they run around the park and enjoying the numerous rides on offer. Amusement parks like this are a kid’s dream.