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10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas From The Mind Museum

Christmas is in the air and I am sure everyone is excited to plan those holiday vacations and getaways, especially that we are expecting a very long holiday this year. Apart from that, I am sure many are also in a hurry to finish those Christmas shopping and to wrap those special gifts under the tree.

If you are hard up on interesting and clever gift ideas for kids, loved ones, and friends, here are 10 great gift ideas from one of our favorite destinations, The Mind Museum, that are sure to jump start your gift-buying plans:

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Considering that we celebrate an extended holiday season–starting from the ber months to late January—you would think people would have enough time to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts that are well thought out. That’s hardly ever the case, though.

Year after year, people rush to stores at the last minute, grabbing run-of-the-mill mugs, picture frames, toiletries, and what have you. Fun, right? Let’s face it; getting an ordinary gift doesn’t exactly usher in the spirit of the season. Why not wrap something remarkable? If your loved ones are that special, you’d think of giving them the stars—something they clearly deserve. You can’t exactly give them that, but a close alternative is made possible by The Mind Museum—along with other unique gifts that not only add a twist to your usual holiday flavor, they also inspire learning and further celebrate the season of giving. Continue reading