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top 5 things to do in baguio: go horseback-riding at Wright Park

I hope you’re not tired of reading all my Baguio posts since I shall be coming up with more of them in the days to come. I must say our 3-day Baguio vacation was really worth it + is quite an experience of a lifetime. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves + have bonded closely in the three days we’re up north.Oh well, it might take time before we can go back, but if we do, I have these top 5 things, which I shall share with you in a series of posts, I know we won’t mind doing again when we visit the City of Pines.

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What tops my list will have to be horseback-riding at Wright Park I was afraid + stiff at my back with worry at first, but my little man was such a trooper + he highly enjoyed our ride that it helped me to relax after our first round. It was both our first time to ride a horse! Sure there where bumps here + there, + there where moments when I’m sure am just a few inches away from sliding off the horse’s back, but all in all, it was one experience I thoroughly enjoyed, too! It felt like being a child again!

I’ve decided to share the remaining two rounds with my sisters so they will get to experience it too. When we got off the horse, the little man was pointing at the pink horse + ask me that we ride again! You will probably find it difficult to find vehicle lifts in this area, but am sure you will have a wide array of lovely horses to choose from for your riding experience. For P200 I’d say this experience was well worth it.

More of my top 5 things to do in Baguio in my next posts! See yah!