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tuesday travels: ninoy aquino parks + wildlife center

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What better way to cool down during a hot scorching summer afternoon than to hit the nearest park, well in our case, The Ninoy Aquino Parks + Wildlife Center. It was a bit out-of-the-way I know, but it was one of those random days when we’ve got nothing planned + went on where our wanderlusts lead us, + this particular tourist attraction is one of the few places Jared’s dad + I used to frequented + I kind of  missed it!  Oh well, it turned out to be one afternoon the little man enjoyed!

We arrived there a little before 3pm, I guess, + although the sun is up as usual, the shades provided by the lush greenery is enough for us to wander around without getting a sunburn. The little man went on to explore the vast park, running here + there. He was drenched in sweat in a matter of minutes but he simply won’t stop. 🙂

tuesday travels, travels, destinations, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, Luzon

Jared saw bamboo trees for the first time + was in awe of those big plants, not to mention the interesting sounds they make. He was also in awe of the pond in the middle of the park + was actually attempting to take a dip, glad mum is a step quicker than he was! When he saw stray cats around, he quickly made to run after them, even attempting to follow a black one who ran for cover underneath one of the huts. 😉

It was unfortunate that the mini zoo was already closed when we arrived but we managed to view some of the birds housed in a couple of aviaries + the little man was in peals of giggles at the sight of these beautiful creatures.

The Ninoy Aquino Parks + Wildlife Center is perfect for a family picnic what with a number of picnic huts + picnic tables scattered around, I made a mental note to bring some food the next time we visit. For the grandeur of nature around it that makes for a wonderful photo shoot site, the park has also been a hit to photographers. We actually encountered a number of them in this particular visit, including a group of anime teenagers who were busy taking their photos in their funky costumes + wild-colored hair!

I only wish we’d came a little earlier so we’d have more time to roam around + that I’d been able to pocket the camera onto my eco-bag, too, we could’ve  had more photos of the beautiful spots there. Oh well, hopefully we can go + visit again some time soon!

What is your travel story for today? 🙂

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

1100 Diliman Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: +{63 2} 924.6031 to 35
Email: planning@pawb.gov.ph

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Snowed In?

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Snowed it this Christmas? How I wish. But the family have been to Manila Ocean Park recently + we’ve experienced exactly that! 6 degrees temperature + my nose were hovering near bleeding-point! But we enjoyed it, nevertheless, especially the little man, who was sleeping soundly as we entered the Snow Village. He probably liked the cold weather. Proof is that he woke up immediately after we went out!

Apart from our first brush with snow, we’ve also seen adorable penguins + sea lions there, along with hundreds of fishes + other beautiful attractions. I shall be posting more about it soon.

christmas, places, travel, destination

I know most of us are taking advantage of the holiday break to go on traveling or vacationing with the family. As for me, I am most tempted to use whatever bit of downtime I’ve got to brush up on my languages, too, + learn a new one. How does confronto noleggio auto sounds to you?

Snowed in or not, I still wish everyone a very meaningful Christmas celebration. May we find happiness + peace in the company of our families + loved ones! Here’s also wishing that victims of Typhoon Sendong down south will also find it in their hearts to celebrate in the midst of tragedy.

Merry Christmas meanderers!

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tuesday travel: christmas at enchanted kingdom

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We have recently created a new family tradition of going somewhere we’ve never been before on Christmas Day. We started this last year + decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna with the whole family + our cousin, Dennis, who also happens to be the little man’s godfather.

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It was a whole day of fun + new experience, not to mention endless queues + loads of rushing people about. But all in all, it was something we all enjoyed + would love to do all over again, minus the hassle of commuting, that is! This year, we have not decided on where to go for our annual celebration, but am thinking of some place nearer so we won’t have such a hard time taking public transportation, maybe somewhere in Pampanga or nearby, will be a good idea. Any suggestions? ^_^

Check out the rest of our Christmas travel story here. + while you’re here, you might want to check out my humble giveaway, which should be ending very soon. Thanks!

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tuesday travel: christmas all over the world

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A few weeks back, we were able to witness SM Pampanga’s launch of their Christmas Around The World Display, where replicas of famed landmarks all around the world, including The Netherlands windmills, Italy’s gondolas, United States’ Statue of Liberty, England’s Big Ben were unveiled. These are installed to add in to the feel of Christmas + to become additional attraction to the mall’s patrons + shoppers.

Tuesday Travel, travel, Christmas, SM PampangaWe had a great time pausing in front of the different famous landmarks + the little man had a blast playing with the larger than life gift displays + the colorful confetti 🙂 I am only glad his tita agreed to tag along so we can have a volunteer photographer ^_^ Check out more of our photos here + here.

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