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The Abbey Hotel in Bath

One of the most fascinating places I would love to visit is the United Kingdom, blame that on my fascination for Harry Potter + for working in a UK-based Call Center for almost five years of my life. The British culture is something I’ve had a first-hand experience, albeit only audibly! I totally dig the accent + I would really love to tour the numerous historical churches + monuments, that come aplenty in that part of the world. I would also love to pay homage to Princess Diana’s resting place, as well as visit the living monuments of the famous English writers + novelist, including my favorite William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, + maybe see if they’ve put up an equivalent for JK Rowling, too! ūüėČ

UK, travels, destinations

my friend by the Avon River in Bath

A trip to the UK will be one full-blown History lessons what with its hundreds of churches + attractions with with hundred-years’ worth of history behind them. A stop at the various museums would also prove interesting, as well as a quick stop to see the¬†Millennium¬†Eye + the River Thames in London.¬†I have recently caught up with my good friend, Mars, who also happens to be the little man’s godmother, online + she has shared her wonderful adventure touring parts of the UK, including Bath + Wales. I love all her photographs of all the beautiful places she’s been!

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image credit goes out to my friend for the first photo, the first image is not mine