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a leap day postcard from thailand

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I recently participated in a little exchange in our Postcrossing Enthusiasts group for Leap Year postcards. We shall be sending the postcards to out friends on 29 February. A leap day sounds like a great day to send a postcard as it only happens only every 4 years, which makes the date so precious. Here is one of the beautiful cards I got in return for participating in the activity. It features the Khu Trung Tam Hoang Thanh Thang Long Ha Noi  or the central sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long Ha Noi

Here’s more trivia about this site according to Wiki:

  • The Thang Long Citadel relic is the most important monuments in the system of Vietnam monument, associated with the historic capital city of Thang Long – Hanoi
  • The massive structures represent the rain of King building in various stages of history
  • In August 01, 2010 {Vietnam time}, this was recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site by the World Heritage Committee 

postcards, souvenirs, postcrossing enthusiasts

This is another lovely card from Cheerful + I simply love the little colorful details she added at the back, including the warm message she’s scribbled. Hey, did I tell you I just love her penmanship, too, + can only dream that I write just as good 🙂


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