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weekend blog follower caravan #26

It is that time again for the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan + I am joining with this fairly new blog of mine. To everyone who followed me via GFC the last time, thank you so much! It is much appreciated.

For this week, we are to follow all the participants via GFC once again + it is just what I needed so I can build up on my travel blog‘s followings.

Joining the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan not only earns you followers + fans, it also gives you a chance to win $5 every week, thanks to our lovely sponsors, which for this week by the way are ~ Chika Bits and Dens Online.

So what are you waiting for? Join now + follow away. For details + instructions, simply click on the badge to get to our hostess’ site + remember to leave your comment loves so I’ll know that you visited. Grazie! 🙂