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“It takes Gutz to be a Guttierez” In Paradizoo Farm

It takes GUTZ to be a Guttierez is a Channel E exclusive about famous royal showbiz family in the Philippines. It’s a reality tv series about the interesting and exciting life of the Gutierrez headed by Eddie Guttierez and Annabel Rama.

On November 30, 2014 at 9PM, the show aired their experience when they went to Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite (Upper Tagaytay) and Residence Inn (Tagaytay proper), two of the famous theme parks under Zoomanity Group, the leading theme park management in the Philippines under Robert Laurel Yupangco of Yupangco Group of Companies.

According to Leonardo Badon Jr. of Zoomanity Group, “Paradizoo Theme Farm was featured in “It takes GUTZ to be a Gutierrez”, the Best Reality Show at the concluded PMPC Star Awards ‘2014. A paradise in the south, Paradizoo Theme Farm is a farm for romantic people. a place for family, barkadas, friends and those who loves nature. The Gutierrez family went there to explore and experience a different farm lifestyle.”

The episode revolves when family is having a photo shoot. The Gutz family gets prepped for a group photo shoot and after when they check the pictures they notice that their mother Annabelle is gaining weight. So, Ruffa suggested that they should hire a personal trainer to help their mother lose weight by working out. Perspiration for inspiration to remove the fat of course. In other words, with so many shots in between, they went to Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, not only to have a clean and fresh air but for Annabel to have a chance to exercise in a different way, walking in the farm.

Annabelle and Eddie bond with the grandkids, Richard with Sarah and Ruffa tried to milk the goats in the barn with the friendly and expert tour guide from Paradizoo. Super farm life only at Paradizoo.

One activity too in Paradizoo or more like an advocacy is to give education. During the tour, they learn about the process of making honey and what happens when the honey bees mate.

The handsome Richard and lovely Sarah got their time alone time together. They ride the cable car at Residence Inn, Tagaytay as they talk about planning their wedding and other future plans.

Paradizoo and Residence Inn are under Zoomanity Group. Paradizoo is a 12 hectares farm while Residence Inn is a 2 hectare theme park with hotel inside overlooking the majestic Taal Volcano.

If you want to experience Paradizoo Farm and the other Zoomanity Group attractions, you may contact them through any of the following:

  • Call {02} 899.-595 local 344, 899.9824/28
  • SMS 0928.808.5555 {Smart}, 0918.503.3399 {Smart}, 0917.835.1111 {Globe}
  • Fax {02} 899.9829
  • Email: info@zoomanity.com.ph, zoomanityg@gmail.com

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Don’t You Think It Is Cool To Go To The Zoo?

zoo, Zoobic Safari, travel, educational places for children to visit, destination

face-to-face with one of the famous attractions at the zoo

The zoo is one of the coolest place to bring the children and the family, in my opinion. It is no wonder why I make it an effort to bring the little man to one whenever we get the chance. On his 2nd birthday, we brought him to Zoobic Safari so he can see and marvel at the many amazing animals found there. It was one of the best trips he enjoyed and went on and on about the animals of different kinds that we saw during our visit. The smile of satisfaction on his face that day was enough to compensate the aching muscles and the trouble we had to go through to get to Subic, not to mention his tale of recollection of our visit many years after we’ve been there!

zoo, Zoobic Safari, travel, educational places for children to visit, destination

okay baby, where do we go next? ^_^

In this day when everyone is occupied with their gadgets and social media accounts, and would rather opt to stay lying in the couch all day in front of the telly or tinkering with their smartphones or tablets and other gadgets, it is a must that we make an effort to expose our children to nature to appreciate and enjoy it more and to bring them to the zoo when we can so they can have more time to commune with creatures they would otherwise not encounter in their lives. It is good that most zoos now are repackaging their attractions and turning them into theme parks and one-stop outdoor destination for the whole family.

One of the companies that have been successful into turning their zoo attractions to places where children can have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like petting a tiger or feeding farm animals and meeting face-to-face with exotic birds and animals, as well as give them hours and hours of outdoor fun, is the Zoomanity Group. They have numerous attractions in various locations in the country that families can go to during long weekends, holidays or during special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

The Zoomanity Group

zoo, Zoobic Safari, travel, educational places for children to visit, destination

The Zoomanity Group envisions their zoos to be the best animal theme park in the country and create the happiest places that combines visitor entertainment and amusement with education, preservation and animal welfare. Continue reading

A Trip To Avilon Zoo

travel, education places for children to visit, fun places for children to visit, zoo

Welcome to Avilon Zoo!

My little man loves animals so much and since we cannot keep a pet of our own yet as I am reserving that for when he is much bigger, I aimed to bring him to zoos where he can enjoy watching all the animals. Two months ago I purchased a couple of tickets for the Avilon Zoo at half the price. It was to expire on July 25th so when the sky promised a clearer weather that day, we set to travel for Rizal.

travel, education places for children to visit, fun places for children to visit, zoo

taking a photo of mum taking a photo!

The Rodriguez, Rizal location might put you off, but it was really just an almost 2-hour drive from Batasan Hills in Quezon City. What is actually worrisome is the road in Rizal that leads to the zoo. For the first time, we experienced crossing a river. Thankfully, it was very sunny that day and the water in the river was low.

travel, education places for children to visit, fun places for children to visit, zoo

We arrived a little after 1pm and the big pond is what greeted us upon entry. The mat of moss that covers its surface made the pond more appealing. We went straight to the cashier to have our vouchers validated. A regular entrance pass sells at Php400 {which I got for half the price}. The visitors also have the option to hire a tour guide to help them navigate the huge expanse of land for another Php400, which we passed, thinking with a toddler in tow, we will never really know how far we’d be able to walk and explore. Snacks and refreshments are available inside the zoo, but we decided to put off food for another hour and see a bit of the place first.

travel, education places for children to visit, fun places for children to visit, zoo

I noticed that there are a number of on-going repairs at the zoo at the time, including the Pettisimo area where children can come face-to-face with pets and feed them. Too bad, Jared was not able to experience this, I bet he will really be thrilled.

travel, education places for children to visit, fun places for children to visit, zoo

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