US States Map Cards

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postcards, 50 US States Map cards

It will be such a delight if I can collect map cards of all the 50 US States, it sure is a good way to learn a little about all those lovely states + to keep a little memento of each one stashed in my postcards envelope. Do let me know if you’re interested to swap with me, right? Just drop me a line thru my contact form. States in hypertext means I’ve already got a postcard of that State in my collection.

1. Alabama (AL)

2. Alaska (AK)

3. Arizona (AZ)

4. Arkansas (AR)

5. California (CA)

6. Colorado (CO)

7. Connecticut (CT)

8. Delaware (DE)

9. Florida (FL)

10. Georgia (GA)

11. Hawaii (HI)

12. Idaho (ID)

13. Illinois (IL)

14. Indiana (IN)

15. Iowa (IA)

16. Kansas (KS)

17. Kentucky (KY)

18. Louisiana (LA)

19. Maine (ME)

20. Maryland (MD)

21. Massachusetts (MA)

22. Michigan (MI)

23. Minnesota (MN)

24. Mississippi (MS)

25. Missouri (MO)

26. Montana (MT)

27. Nebraska (NE)

28. Nevada (NV)

29. New Hampshire (NH)

30. New Jersey (NJ)

31. New Mexico (NM)

32. New York (NY)

33. North Carolina (NC)

34. North Dakota (ND)

35. Ohio (OH)

36. Oklahoma (OK)

37. Oregon (OR)

38. Pennsylvania (PA) 

39. Rhode Island (RI)

40. South Carolina (SC)

41. South Dakota (SD)

42. Tennessee (TN)

43. Texas (TX)

44. Utah (UT)

45. Vermont (VT)

46. Virginia (VA)

47. Washington (WA)

48. West Virginia (WV)

49. Wisconsin (WI)

50. Wyoming (WY)

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