Unusual Hong Kong Cuisine

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When you want to truly experience a new location, you should take the time to consider the local food. While it might be tempting to stick with foods that are familiar with you, you can more fully immerse yourself in the place and the culture if you are willing to eat as the locals do. Hong Kong is no different, and if you are thinking about learning more about Hong Kong, make sure that you try some of these signature dishes.

Hot Pot

The concept of a hot pot is one that is familiar throughout Asia, but Hong Kong has raised it to an art. A hot pot involves a thick bowl or pot full of broth placed on a heating element. The broth is typically very thin and made of either mushroom or beef broth, and various raw food items are brought to the table with it. These items are then cooked in the broth by the diners and removed when they are well cooked. In some cases, the hot pot is brought to the table with all the ingredients inside the pot already. This creates a delicately flavoured dish that is best shared with friends.

Lotus Seed Buns

Lotus seed buns are a delicious sweet treats that can be widely found throughout the city. Lotus paste is made from ground lotus seeds that are then mixed with sugar, stewed and dry cooked. The result is a very sweet, very velvety paste that is then wrapped up in dough and steamed. While you can absolutely eat this treat as a dessert, you will also find that you can eat it as a snack as you explore the many pleasures that Hong Kong has to offer.

Milk Tea

Milk tea is one of the signature beverages that populate the Hong Kong scene, blending as it does flavours from both Europe and Asia. Milk tea is traditionally produced from a mix of black tea that is then mixed with evaporated milk or condensed milk. Depending on where you go to get your milk tea, there may be several types of black tea mixed together to create the beverage. Sugar may be added to give the tea an even richer taste.

Egg Tarts

Another classic Hong Kong dish is the egg tart, which looks like a tiny pie with a rich yellow centre. These tarts are filled with very thick, very sweet custard. While the plain custard is the most popular, there are many variations available. Some of the more popular types of egg tart include custard that is flavoured with ginger, with honey or with milk. Green tea and chocolate are two other flavours that you might see. These tarts are typically served hot, and they are a wonderful pick me up in the middle of your day.

When you want to see what Hong Kong has to offer, make sure that you consider what your options are in terms of food. Hong Kong offers you some delicious food that has roots from all over the world, so be sure to sample some as you explore this gorgeous location. For more information and assistance with your Hong Kong holiday, talk to the professionals at Travel Associates.

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