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Valmeira Town Millpond

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Here is another card from Anna who also sent me the Ireland map card. This beautiful pond is located in Valmeira where she lives.

Just so you know this is actually pronounced as “Wolmar” in German. This city is the largest in the historical Vidzeme region in Latvia.

This looks like a very relaxing place to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon, won’t you agree? I wonder if people are allowed to swim in the pond.

Thanks again Anna, I really like this card!  😀

Massachusetts State Map Card

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Here is another beautiful map card to add to my 50 US States map card collection.

This map card features some of the most famous landmarks in Massachusetts, including the Capitol Building, Faneuil Hall, Pilgrim Memorial and Maple Sugar. It also shows the industries in which the State is well-known for like fishing, paper mills, jewelry, textile, chemicals and shoes. I bet you can also find a couple of flyer prints company in this state even when the map card won’t show it.

The map card also shows a couple of interesting information about the state of Massachussets:

  • State Capital ~ Boston
  • State Bird ~ Chickadee
  • State Flower ~ Arbutus

Kelly who send this card lives in Pittsfield, a 3-hour drive from the state capital that has mountains and beautiful beaches as well as lighthouses in the coast.

A Map Card of Ireland

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Here is another map card to add to my growing collection.

Thought you might want to know about these interesting facts about Ireland:

  • Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth on Earth
  • It is politically divided into 2, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of United Kingdom
  • The Capital City of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin
  • Belfast, on the other hand, is the largets city in Northern Ireland
  • There are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ireland ~  Brú na Boinne in County Meath, Skellig Michael in County Kerry and the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim

With abundant rainfall in Ireland, am guessing they’d be needing to shop for jackets and other similar apparel from more often.

Thank you Anna for this colorful map card. It is now one of my favorites, too!  😀

My Very First Jetoy Card

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I am not really too fond of cats but who will never fall in love with this beautiful Jetoy card, right? This is the very first in my collection and was sent to me by Kelly, the same person who gave me a map card of Massachusetts.

Since I am not that crazy about cats, I chose this one from her stash of Jetoy cards, I think the pig is just too cute and the horse is too lovely! Jetoy cards originated from Korea and from what I gathered it seemed like the cat characters are based on a local fairy tale or story that features these cats, Choo Choo, who live in the planet called Jetoy.

Thank you Kelly for this beautiful card, I totally love it!  😀