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a map card from australia

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Here’s another beautiful addition to my map card collection ~ a map card from Down Under. This is a rather colorful + fun depiction of the an Australian map card, which even includes the lovely things indigenous to Australia, including the hoppity kangaroo + the ever-amazing koalas! You can also find amazing Australian attractions in the map card, including the train, the numerous deserts + the famed, Sydney Opera House. Being a British colony, you’d also see towns which are reminiscent of towns found in Great Britain like Carnarvon, Newcastle + Wyndam.

Thanks so much Leah, who blogs at Post Over the Mile, for this beautiful addition to my collection! 😉

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canada in winter

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This postcard sure sends chills down my spine + conjured images of fire pits from in my head. I can only imagine how winter was like in countries abroad. The rainy + stormy days home are enough to give me the quivers!

Given that, it did not make me love this postcard less. I love the drama the snow-capped pine trees makes + I sure would love to experience this before I die! 🙂

I got this postcard, ironically for Valentines of this year, from Jeanine, who wrote this message at the back:

postcards, Canada

Thanks for sending this out to me, I love it! ♥

Thought I’d share this white trees + snow with:

petronas towers, malaysia


postcards, Malaysia

Here’s a beautiful postcard of the Petronas Towers, or Menara Berkembar Petronas in the Malay vernacular,   in Malaysia. Located in the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, it was completed in 1994 + was inaugurated in 1999. It is also the 4th tallest building in the world + is considered the tallest twin buildings ever built.

Thanks Jiaqi, a Postcrossing Enthusiasts member, for mailing me this one! 😉

logos hope postcards

postcards, souvenirs, MV Logos Hope

postcards, souvenirs, MV Logos Hope

I got these postcards when we visited MV Logos Hope when it anchored at the Manila Bay March of this year. There are really loads of interesting souvenir items on display, including posters, mugs, stickers, notebooks, among others, apart from thousands of books that were also on display + if only I wasn’t hard up on cash that day {I was feeling rather sick that day + forgot to drop by the next ATM I saw to withdraw some money!} I would’ve hoarded more of these!

postcards, souvenirs, MV Logos Hope

This postcards are not for swap, though, as I am keeping them to add to my collection. I also bought another set which I sent to one of my dear postcrossing friends! What I love most about these postcards is they do not only remind me of the pleasurable experience me + the little man had aboard the ship, but also I find much satisfaction in knowing that the proceeds of the sale of these items go to charity, which, apart from helping educate unfortunate children in poor countries, would also probably help fund hospitals in buying medicine, as well medical equipment like sphygmomanometer.