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I’ve heard numerous kinds of ways of how people store their precious postcard collection. Some would organize them in different boxes according to theme + then store these boxes, one on top of the other in a cool + well-ventilated storage cabinet. Some would go to too much trouble of wrapping each lovely postcard with non-acidic films or cellophane before pasting them onto sheets of paper + then organizing these sheets into clear folders. I don’t have the time to do this with my little collection, but I kind of liked the idea of storing them in boxes where I can easily marvel + sift through them whenever I feel the urge to, so a box that would fit them all nicely sounds like the best idea I’ve ever heard of. In fact, I have transferred my collection to several boxes until I settled with this bigger one that I am using now.

The only problem is I cannot lag this box onto my eco-bag whenever I travel to meet up with my swap buddies, can I? It was a good thing my sister found these lovely photo albums in the bookstore one time {my sisters are photo enthusiasts like me + loves to keep their photos organized in albums, too!}, I bought a 5″x7″ variety for my postcards! I excitedly arranged the postcards onto the album when I got home + viola my map card collection, as well as the official postcards are neatly tucked in there, ready to leave in a second’s notice for our next meet-up, which I guess will be sometime next month! 🙂

Me + my postcard collection are good with the box + the photo album, but if you have a better idea on how to keep + store you postcard collection, I’d be happy to hear about it! 😉

2 thoughts on “keeping + storing my postcard collection

  1. Grasyah | The Island Momma


    This is one good IDEA! I am currently thinking of having a wooden box for the postcards I have.. But I think this one is better. Problem is, i have some postcards that actually are bigger than the size 5×7.. 🙂

    Anyways.. happy post crossing!! 🙂

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      those are the postcards I left in my box! ^_^ but i will be needing a couple more of these albums so that I can put all the postcards, if i could i would organize them into themes or country of origin, too, if i find the time! ^_^

      happy postcrossing! ^_^


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