3 Ways to See Australia for Families

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Travelling with your family is one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences that you can undertake together. The memories that you create while you travel will last a lifetime, however it can sometimes be a challenge to try and plan a trip that everyone will enjoy. Here are 3 of the best family friendly ways to see Australia.

Outback Adventure

When many people visualise Australia, the spectacular Outback is one of the first things that springs to mind. There’s simply nowhere else in the world like it, and the ancient spiritual atmosphere of the place is something truly magical to behold. The Outback provides the perfect way to explore with the family, with everything from a safari on camel back to 4WD adventures all on offer.

See the legendary natural wonder that is Uluru, and discover through a range of Dreamtime stories why the area is so scared to its indigenous owners. The red centre of Australia will leave a distinct impression upon the whole family, from memories of its unique and startling scenery to the spirit of adventure you have experienced while exploring this amazing destination together.

Coastal Cruising

Australia has a range of ports that offer high quality cruising adventures. Whether you’re looking for a short day cruise or something that will last a week, there’s a cruise in Australia to suit every travel plan and budget. Some of the best Australian cruises will let you experience the subtle decadence of a luxurious liner and take you for an unforgettable coastal holiday that the whole family will love.

Based around the spectacular coastline, you can choose where you cruise and how many days you will be away. Explore the magnificent tropical shores of North Queensland, snorkel during your shore adventures and relax amongst the very best in comfort and entertainment while on board. Kids of all ages will love the activities and entertainment provided by the ship, giving parents a little bit of time to relax and soak in the sights. Cruising is a fantastic way to see the very best that coastal Australia has to offer.

The Drive of a Lifetime

Australia was made for road trips, and provides some of the most stunning scenery in the world to explore by car. From the magnificent coastal adventure of the Great Ocean Road to the lush tropical paradise of Cairns, the journey itself will become one of the most exciting parts of your holiday.

Simply hire a car of campervan, pick your ideal destination and enjoy the fun and diverse experience of exploring Australia on a road trip like no other. Great for families of all ages, road tripping is a popular way to see Australia’s best attractions at your own pace.

Take the stress out of your next family trip with one of these great holiday ideas. Discover the unique and diverse range of Australian wildlife, and explore the breathtaking landscape as you and your family travel around this incredibly special continent. A truly unforgettable experience, your Australian holiday will be a family trip that everyone will always treasure.

After a long year of traveling overseas Emma Jane is currently travelling down the coast of Queensland with her family. She plans on traveling more of Australia with her family.

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