Baby On Board: Travel Tips For Vacations With Young Children

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If you’re ready to take a vacation but worry about traveling with a young child, relax. Yes, going on a trip with little ones can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. In the interest of happy family travel, we are pleased to present a few tricks and tips to ensure a successful holiday, even when the kids tag along.

Before You Go

Prior to buying airline tickets and booking hotel rooms, make sure you’re going to a kid-friendly destination. No, you don’t have to build your entire trip around the kids, but the more there is for them to do, the more likely everyone will have a good vacation.

If your kids are old enough to walk, they are old enough to go through TSA security at the airport. Be sure to explain how this procedure helps to ensure safe travel without going into details. Kids older than 12 can walk through a security scanner alone, but they won’t be out of sight of their parent or guardian. Babies and toddlers may be carried through X-ray scanners in a parent’s arms.

While You’re Traveling

Take along a child-size carry-on bag for each kid in your family. Stuff it with a few favorite toys and plenty of healthful snacks. Eschew sugary treats in lieu of whole grain cereals, dried fruits, granola bars, and yummy trail mix.

Most airlines are willing to bend the liquid rules a bit when you travel with infants and small children. According to the TSA website, allowed items include breast milk and child-size containers of juice. Accessories to cool milk and juices are generally allowed, although they will be subject to screening. Gel-filled teething rings and unopened jars of baby food may also be allowed in carry-on bags.

When You Get There

Once you have checked into your room at the Marriott BWI Airport or another hotel, unpack smartly and quickly. The sooner your lodging feels familiar to your little one, the sooner the whole family can settle in and relax. If you’ve brought along a travel crib or playpen, set it up before you do anything else. Let baby amuse themselves with toys or hope they nap while you arrange the rest of the room.

Designate a kitchen space, whether or not your room comes with a kitchen. Here you can keep bottles and sippy cups and snacks. Create a play zone for toddlers, and show them how to stash their toys, games, coloring books, and crayons in a bottom dresser drawer. If you are lodging with an infant, make a diaper changing zone to organize nappies, lotions, wipes, and the like. The more you streamline your parenting duties, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy your family vacation, advises Parenting magazine.

Travel is a wonderful way for parents and kids to explore new cultures and learn about the world. Plan ahead, stay organized, and your family vacation can be everything you want it to be.

Mum’s Musings

Traveling with children, no matter how old they get, is no easy feat. One way or another, a tot or mum will lose her cool and things won’t go well as planned. But, almost always, it is better to have a solid plan before heading off to your destination, so you will have some semblance of a guide {not to mention enough amount of sanity} as you go about your adventure. More importantly, relax and enjoy every bit of time you spend with your children, they will only be children for a short period of time, after all.

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