postcard perfect: cow-drawn native cart, philippines

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When I was a little kid, this is one of my favorite roadside attraction ~ a car-drawn cart by a native merchant peddling native crafts normally made of wood + bamboo. I particularly liked those little chairs that we call in our vernacular as bangkitos which my mum normally used while doing the laundry. Nowadays, I rarely see these carts, that is why it delighted me to spot one in the neighborhood a few weeks back. I will be sure to show it to my little man the next time it comes around.

This particular postcard was sent to me by fellow Postcrossing Enthusiast member, Edge, + he wrote

Mabuhay, kabayan! Here’s the card that you requested for the swap. May it find its way to you in no time. Have a great day!

It did find its way to me in no time + it sure did make my day, too! Thanks! 🙂

This is my share for this week’s Postcard Perfect + thought the brown native crafts also deserve a spot at Thursday Brownies

7 thoughts on “postcard perfect: cow-drawn native cart, philippines

  1. Jay Bravo Fernandez

    Wow! that’s my uncle junior! iv been looking for that postcard mula noong may nakita akong ganyan sa national bookstore. Can you email me that pic? Thanks


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