top commentators for december 2011

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Here’s shouting out a big thank you to my top commentators for the month of December, namely:

Chris Chris (5)
Jonathan Jonathan (5)
Gene Gene (2)
Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (2)
Jonathan Blaza Jonathan Blaza (2)
mymy mymy (2)
Travelholic Travelholic (2)
Alma Lee Alma Lee (1)
Analyn Alonsagay Analyn Alonsagay (1)
Ane Ane (1)

Jonathan +  Jonathan Blaza are one + the same person, so he wins my top commentator prize of $5! Kindly  use my contact form to send me your Paypal address! Thank you + congratulations! ^_^

Also, it has been almost 2 months since I declared the winners for Musings on Meanderings First Ever Giveaway, unfortunately, not all winners claimed their prizes + they are now forfeited. I shall be raffling them off to new sets of winners via an announcement in a future post, so I hope you all stay tuned to that!

Here’s to a great day + to more opportunities to travel + meander ^_^

One thought on “top commentators for december 2011

  1. Jonathan

    Hi Ate Vix! dumating na kahapon yung postcard na ipinadala mo… the World Hunger fund-raising postcard. Mas malaki pala siya than an ordinary postcard. I’ll upload the scans later.

    Will send you my email addy as requested.


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