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top commentators for july

announcement, top commentators

Thank you to everyone who meandered out here on my blog + left their comments! You helped brighten many a gloomy days + reading comments is one of the first things I do whenever I go online in the wee hours of the morning! ūüôā So thank you for the inspiration + I hope to see you around here again! ūüėČ

Big cheers top commentators for July:

  1. Marie Marie (2)
  2. Mona Mona (2)
  4. PostcardPerfect PostcardPerfect (2)
  5. reese reese (2)
  6. Trish Trish (2)
  7. Aileen Aileen (1)
  8. allan allan (1)
  9. anne lei anne lei (1)
  10. anygen anygen (1)

top commentators for june

announcement, top commentators

I must admit, I have not been busy traveling lately, neither have I been busy writing a lot of posts here, but I ¬†am very thankful for all those who’ve meandered + left their comment love here. Thank you so much for inspiring me to write more + to keep on going.

  1. Willa @ PostcardPerfect¬†Willa @ PostcardP… (3)
  2. Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (2)
  3. Marie Marie (2)
  4. arcee arcee (1)
  5. Arlene Arlene (1)
  6. dan dan (1)
  7. Gene Gene (1)
  8. In-in In-in (1)
  9. Jacqueline Rosales Jacqueline Rosales (1)
  10. JessicaWCassidy (@wifetoalineman)¬†JessicaWCassidy (… (1)

So what shall keep this¬†meanderer¬†up on her toes this month? A few giveaways {yes, including that long overdue Top Commentators Giveaway!}, more postcards to brag, another Postcrossing Enthusiasts Meet-up, ¬† + hopefully one or two travels, to boot! Anyway, while you are here, I also hope you’d join our¬†Hello Summer $1000 Cash Giveaway, too! Good luck + here’s to a good July for all of us! ūüôā

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my top commentators for the month of may

It is that time of the month again to give out shout outs to all those who’ve meandered here + left their footprints in the form of thought-provoking comments. Thanks so much to my top commentators for last month. I wish to see you here more often, + hopefully I will get to churn out more posts for you to comment on in the future. Thanks + here’s to more meandering tales + postcards to send + receive. ūüôā

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thank you, april top commentators!

Another month flew by + yeah, I know {guilty as charged} I have been neglecting this blog, way too much, in fact! Mea culpa! This wanna-be traveler mum has been busy with her other blogs + other offline affairs. But I hope to be back this month with a vengeance + a giveaway, or two, to boot, that I do hope you’d all stay tuned + watch out for that!

Thank you’s are in order for my top commentators who went to the trouble of visiting this measly-updated blog. I do hope you’d get to see more outputs this month! I have numerous postcards haul I cannot wait to tell you about, plus a few travel tidbits, too. ūüėČ

Anyway, before this day wore on, allow me to express my gratitude to my top commentators of April:

  1. Eihdra Eihdra (1)
  2. joy joy (1)
  3. Levyousa Levyousa (1)
  4. Mommy Pehpot Mommy Pehpot (1)
  5. najera najera (1)
  6. peachkins peachkins (1)
  7. PostcardPerfect PostcardPerfect (1)
  8. rc gweniful/cherry rc gweniful/cherry (1)