travel bucket list #2: the beautiful islands of galapagos

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If money is of no consideration, I’d probably pack our bags now + tag my little man along + leave in one of those Galapagos Cruises, to check out the beautiful + idyllic archipelago of Galapagos, one perfect summer destination. It will probably be one great adventure to trod in the sand + stones where Charles Darwin once made his trail, exploring the numerous islands + its inhabitants. I will probably have a hard time deciding which of the its numerous islands, beginning with the 14 main ones, to head to first. I will just probably leave it all up to the tour guide to decide which among Baltra, Bartholomew, Darwin {which was named after the famed Charles Darwin, who visited the islands all those many years ago}, Albemarle, Narborough or Tower Islands to visit first.

Traversing the Galapagos National Park, which was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978 + home to a vast selection of birds, fishes + other endemic {or found only in the islands} species will be one great summer adventure. I will probably be left in awe of all the grandeur + majestic site before me. + I bet my little meanderer will also have the time of his life.

If I have the resources now, I’d probably book my trip with, they have an online registration that makes planning your next dream vacation a breeze. With a nifty guide to Galapagos Islands weather, you can make sure that you’re schedule will not be clouted by a strong wind or a bad weather. They even have galleries upon galleries of the numerous Galapagos Islands + not only that, they even have a toll free number you can call if you are from USA + Canada! I don’t know about you, but am bookmarking their site now for future use, you might just never know, right? 😉

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  1. Reese

    It is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World as per my son’s book Seven Wonders. Also accdg. to it, if not for these islands, Charles Darwin wouldn’t have made that great scientific discoveries such as survival of the fittest and eventually publish his book On The Origin Of Species. So the islands make it a very interesting educational travel destination. Two thumbs up Vix!


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