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postcards, postcard shops onlineI am seriously contemplating on getting postcards online, especially when I came across this site that sells a lot of beautiful postcards! I have been mustering enough resolve not to click on the “Add to Cart” option + went on a postcard-buying binge. My purse won’t approve of it, plus I have a rather important thing coming next month where I can make use of the money.

I must admit, there aren’t much postcards available locally + whenever I need to get some, I have to to the nearest NBS branch to replenish my stash, that is about 4 towns away from where we live. So I really make a habit of visiting a branch whenever I am at the mall just so I can have a number of extra cards on the ready whenever someone wants to swap with me.

Oh well, even though my plans of buying postcards online won’t push through, I am still thankful that I have that option to consider if + when the need arises. The many conveniences modern-day technology, along with its many beautiful accoutrements, bring to our lives. Don’t you think it is a joy to get your meds without going to the drug store yourself but getting them from, instead? 😉

Anyway, if you’ve got a recommended postcard shop you’d like to share, I would still love to hear about it!

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