edinburgh castle

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Edinburgh, postcards, direct swap

Edinburgh, postcards, direct swap

These are beautiful postcards of the Edinburgh Castle + that of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo which was performed inside the Edinburgh Castle ground. The Edinburgh Castle sits atop the Castle Rock + houses the Scottish National War Memorial, the National War Museum of Scotland + the Honours of Scotland.  A royal castle was also believed to have existed in this site even as early as 12th Century during David I’s  reign. Edinburgh is well known for kilts or the traditional pleated, tartan skirt worn by boys + men during ceremonies + important events, + of late, for being the residence of famed Harry Potter author, JK Rowling! 😉

Bagpipers wearing kilts perform during the Military Tattoo ceremony + I bet it is one great festival to behold,  may you be watching live or through a sony bravia 32″ lcd tv in the safety of your own living room.

Ate Rowena, the sister of my dear friend, Moi, sent this lovely postcards last year. She lives in Grassmarket which is located at the left side of the castle. Check out her message:

postcards, Edinburgh, direct swap

I also love the “Queen” stamp that went along with my postcards!

Edinburgh, postcards, direct swap

Thanks Ate Rowena for these lovelies! 😉

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