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travel musings

My most favorite month of all is here! + although most travel plans {I wish I had some :(} will have to take a backseat for most of us since we will also be welcoming the rainy, stormy season {at least in my part of the world!} I know there will still be more reasons to celebrate this awesome month! Plans for giveaways on my blogs are in the brew, so I hope you all watch out for that! 😉

There will be a deluge of postcards post here as I shall be showcasing more of my growing collections, along with fun postcards giveaway, about stamps + other postcard + travel-related stuff that I might encounter along the way. So, I do hope you visit often. I shall be updating my swap album, too, +  shall be moving them to Musings on Meanderings Facebook Page, so if in case you might be interested in some of them, do not forget to like my page + give me a buzz! 😉

Here’s to one awesome August to everyone!!

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