mailday monday {july 09}

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We’ve not been able to visit the Post Office the past few weeks due to the inclement weather, + it has been a while since I last mailed postcards.  It was a good thing the rain finally let up + allowed me + the little man to go out last week19. I only have a few postcards to mail, though, as I have yet to follow up on other pending swaps.

Anyway,here’s the list of the post cards I mailed that day.These were all for  Am pushing to send a total of 100 postcards, or more, this year, so hopefully these will arrive soon so I can send new ones immediately!:)

  • Anna P, Belarus – Avilon Zoo
  • Olga G, Russia – Philippine Owl
  • Mila J, Finland – Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Melanie V, France – Hundred Islands

We spent a few more hours outside after our stop at the post office to do some errands, including buying milk + other stuffs from the grocers, where the little man busied himself with getting stuff off the racks + checking out that ceiling fan on display,+ eating at one of our favorite fast foods! 🙂

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