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giveaway updates

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Given that this travel blog was down for a while yesterday, I will be extending the giveaway for a few more days so that more people can join! You’ve got until the 8th of November to join + hopefully, win! 🙂

Prize Update: I did mention I still have to confirm with the groupon site whether I can transfer the Zoobic Safari voucher as a gift, but, alas, I made a mistake buying it for my personal use when I purchased it along with the vouchers we used on my son’s birthday. Mea culpa!  So, I’ll throw in $10 Paypal Cash equivalent in lieu of the Zoobic Safari vouchers.

Also, I will be adding a Php1000-worth of AheadPro GC {valid until 30 November 2011} to the Traveller’s Essential Kit, which will be won by a lucky contest participant from Metro Manila, as the Aheadpro Campuses are located in the city. I will have a separate draw for this particular prize to include only those that are from NCR {using Random.org}.

Other prizes are still open worldwide as originally stated.

That ought to make our little giveaway a little more exciting! I do hope you join now if you haven’t already. Check out the Rafflecopter widget here 🙂

Note: Those who will unsubscribe, unfollow or unlike will be disqualified from joining future giveaways here + in my other blogs, too!

zoobic safari birthday adventure + a giveaway

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We went to Zoobic Safari to celebrate my little one’s 2nd birthday in August. We have never visited a zoo before, plus I know that my little man loves animals so I scheduled this different kind of birthday celebration.

We left home a bit late than scheduled, but it was all good. We enjoyed passing by the vast rice fields + think, lush greenery. The view of the mountains is simply breathtaking. We saw this village situated at the foot of the hill, it was fascinating. It was our second time to pass by this way {we took a trip up-north over the summer}.

We arrived to Subic around lunch time, just in time for the next batch to take the Safari adventure trip. Participants are to ride the Zoobic Safari Tram that will bring us around the vast zoological park. After a brief orientation, we headed to the tram waiting nearby for our adventure.

The first stop was the Serpentarium, + as the name suggests, it was the home of the serpents + other reptiles. We saw this fascinating yellow snake {a phyton or other} + turtles + monitor lizards {indigenous to the Philippines}, among other reptiles.

After which, we are treated for an animal show courtesy of dogs, cats, wild pigs + some exotic birds who all performed a trick or two. Jared totally enjoyed this show + was so entertained watching animals dancing + drawing a picture, even.

After the show + a quick trip to the loo for a dappy change {+ a stick of ice lollies on the side, two for Jared’s dad, after we’re done :)}, we are aboard the tram again to head to other parts of this very huge zoo.

We visited two caves, one featuring taxidermy of animals found in the park, followed by our visit to the lions’ lair for one close encounter. As a precaution, we are told to watch out for the lions’ tail, we are to keep in mind that if the tails are up, they are most likely to take a pee + that we are to duck or run away as lions’ urine has strong smell + if we have the misfortune of being caught dead {figuratively, of course} in the middle of it, the stench will stick for about a week or two {if I remember it clearly!}

After the close encounter with the kings + queens of the jungle, we are off to the Croco Loco for some close {not that close, thankfully!} encounter with the crocs, this time. The crocodiles lie lazily around all day, only lifting their humongous head to catch snacks of chicken bits which visitors hang on fishing rods like bait. We took a couple of souvenir shots and went on to our next destination.

For our next safari adventure, which is probably the most adventurous of all, we are to ride this custom-built jeepneys, specifically designed to withstand tiger attacks! Yes, you read that ride, we are going deep into the tigers’ den + watch them up-close in their natural habitat. For an optimal experience {+ to lure the animals near our jeep}, we bought P200-worth of raw chicken to feed the tigers. A zoo personnel goes with us in the jeep to take care of the feeding tasks!

We also browsed through the souvenir shops + got a stuff toy of the white Zoobic Safari lion for the birthday boy. I also managed to grab this very cool postcard:

Zoobic Safari, postcard, souvenir, travel

The last stop was the aviary that housed hundreds of exotic birds. We only managed to see a few as it started to drizzle when we began our walk inside. We do not want to risk walking under the rain + getting the little man sick.

It was really an adventure of a lifetime to visit this place + be this close to nature + to the tigers. The next time we go back, I will make sure to have a souvenir photo taken with the baby tiger.

If you’ve read all the way here, thank you for your patience + I hope you find it a worthwhile read, plus, here is a surprise 🙂

My very first travel giveaway

This giveaway is to celebrate the birth of my travel blog. I have a few little tokens to give out in exchange for a few simple steps for you to qualify. The lucky winners of this giveaway will win:

  • One {1} Zoobic Safari Voucher for 2 pax
  • One {1} .INFO {TRAVEL} domain
  • One {1} Lion Hologram Postcard from Zoobic Safari
  • One {1} Travel Kit {with Nivea products}
  • Five {5} Zoobic Safari Postcards {for 5 winners}
Note: I will have to confirm with the voucher company first if I can send the voucher as a gift, otherwise I will just replace it with Paypal Cash equivalent. For the Lion Hologram Postcard, it will be the winners choice whether he/she would like me to mail it or send it in an envelope {Mint Condition}. The Zoobic Safari Postcards will be mailed to the winners 🙂

musings on meanderings, travel, giveaway

Please wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got until the 3rd of November, 2011 to join.