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A big shout out goes out to all those who’ve visited this blog last month. I know that I have been missing in action here for the most part of January, but I thank those who took the time to comment + stop by, anyway! Here are my Top 10 commentators for January:

Gengen Gengen (2)
Jessica Cassidy Jessica Cassidy (2)
Jonathan Jonathan (2)
Leah H. Leah H. (2)
leira leira (2)
redamethyst redamethyst (2)
Aliz Aliz (1)
Ane Ane (1)
Arlene Arlene (1)
Best Style Tech Best Style Tech (1)

I will be sending a postcard to my top commentator. So wait for it in the mail! Don’t forget to leave those comment loves as I really enjoy reading all of them {+ answer some, too!}. Thanks + here’s to more postcards to mail + receive + hopefully more travel adventures to plot + make this February! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “january’s top commentators

    1. musings on meanderings

      thanks, Jon, I cannot wait to get these in the mail. Hopefully the stamps will be available here so I can hoard + put them in postcards that I will be sending from here ^_^


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