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Bulacan Daily: Fiesta Republica 2014

Our city is celebrating yet another Fiesta Republica this year and here is the list of festivities and activities happening all-month long in Malolos. This is in line with the commemoration of the very first Republic formed in Malolos through the Malolos Congress 115 years ago. The series of activities was spearheaded by the inauguration of Cine Republica in Robinson’s Place Malolos on 16 January and the celebration will continue on in February through the Republica Cup slated in 01-16 February at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center. Other activities worthy of mention include the very 1st Malolos City Bike Festival in 25 January, as well as the 115th Araw ng Republikang Filipino 1899 happening on 23 January at Barasoain grounds.

Hopefully we’d be able to participate in one of the activities. I remember watching the brass band competition last year as my brother was part of the band who represented Bulacan in the program and it was well worth it staying till the program ended as their band won the grand prize. You can read more about our Fiesta Republica 2013 experience in this post here.

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Revisiting Tagaytay: People’s Park In The Sky

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We were blessed to have had a couple of out-of-town trips last year, one of which is a trip back to Tagaytay. We’ve already been to the city a few year’s before the little man was born and I was just glad to be sharing the wonderful experience with Jared. While other people go to places like this clinic to relax and unwind, traveling to Tagaytay where the temperature is always delightfully cold is truly a recommended way to spend the holidays or celebrate a special occasion.

There are just so many places to see and visit, where the family can have such wonderful bonding experiences. One of those attractions, and sure is everyone’s fave, is the People’s Park In The Sky. Although it did not change much since our last visit, and if it did, I am betting all for the worse. The place look un-maintained and abandoned at best. But people still flock here for the breathtaking view of the rest of Tagaytay City. Entrance fee is very affordable at Php30 per head and honestly I won’t mind paying more if only they can improve the facilities and amenities inside and they ought to begin with repairing the park’s marquee! Anyway, that aside, our trip to the place is a nice one. We arrived early and the morning sun is just enough to keep us warm in the cold, Christmas-y weather. We opted to take the trek up instead of riding one of those jeepneys for hire at the entrance of the park.

Tagaytay, Philippines, family travel, family time, parks

the view from People’s Park In The Sky’s viewing deck

The little one enjoyed the walk up and was all sweaty and excited by the time we make it to the top. He liked the bridge situated in the middle of the park best and made a number of trips to and fro. There were students taking photos in the bridge when we arrived so I was not able to take a few snaps of my own. Not to mention, Jared was just impossible to follow around with a camera. Besides, by the time we make it to the peak, the grown ups were both hungry so we grabbed a quick bite of hotdog sandwich from one of the stores found there.

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Mailday Wednesday {11 December}

11 December was my my last mailing day for last year. It has been quite a while since I’ve been to the local Post Office as I have been busy with my work online that is why it is such a welcome change to be visiting this place again before the year ends. I took a quick snap of the cards before I gave it to the kind ate  for posting.

Here’s the list of the cards I’ve sent that day:

  • Edwin S, Dubai ~ Manta Shrimp
  • Annie S, Rizal ~ Vintage card
  • Amit S, India ~ Aerial View of Manila vintage card
  • Michael R, NY ~ Greetings From Manila vintage card
  • Sarah R, Germany ~ recipe card
  • Joyce C, Davao City ~ Parian Gate vintage card/Pitik-Bulag
  • Maja B, Poland ~ Humpback Whale
  • Yenny A, Indonesia ~ Blue-Naped Parrot

Hopefully these arrive to their respective destinations safe and sound. Have you mailed any postcards today? I would love to read all about it in a comment below and if you’d like to swap with me, simply let me know by using my Contact Form. Thanks and happy postcrossing!

2014 Philipppine Holidays

travel, announcement, Philippine holidaysMy horoscope for the new year 2014 says I will be up for a number of travel adventure this year and I am really looking forward to those. To where I am heading and where am getting the budget to fund these travel adventures is still a puzzle I have yet to figure out.

Whether or not I will be such a traveler this year, it would still work to my advantage if I take note of the Philippine holidays to make sure I align my travel plans with them, especially now that I am enrolling my little man to big school come June.

Here is the list of the Philippine holidays for this year:

Regular Holidays

  • New Year’s Day ~ 01 January {Wednesday}
  • Araw ng Kagitingan ~ 09 April {Wednesday}
  • Maundy Thursday ~ 17 April
  • Good Friday ~ 18 April
  • Labor Day ~ 01 May
  • Independence Day ~ 12 June {Thursday}
  • National Heroes Day ~ 25 August {Last Monday of August}
  • Bonifacio Day ~ 30 November {Sunday}
  • Christmas Day ~ 25 December {Thursday}
  • Rizal Day ~ 30 December {Tuesday}

Special Non-Working Days

  • Chinese New Year ~ 31 January {Friday}
  • Black Saturday ~ 19 April
  • Ninoy Aquino Day ~ 21 August {Thursday}
  • All Saints Day ~ 01 November {Saturday}

Additional Special Non-Working Days

  • 24 December {Wednesday}
  • 26 December {Friday}
  • Last Day of the Year ~ 31 December {Wednesday}

Special Holiday {for all schools}

  • EDSA Revolution Anniversary ~ 25 February {Tuesday}

* Declaration for National Holidays Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha  will be issued after they have been determined in accordance with Hijra, the Islamic calendar.


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