Another Batch of New Postcards for Swap

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It has been sometime since I have last visited the local Puregold for our grocery errand and to buy some postcards, too, since Jared’s dad was sweet enough to do the grocery for me. That is why I am quite excited when I finally had the chance to go there again the last time we did our groceries. It was only here that I get to buy these big beautiful postcards that I add to my collection of postcards for swap. I do not know when I’d be able to come down here again so I made sure to choose a number of postcards to add to my stash.

Check out my newly-bought cards. I will be swapping this for US map cards, for lovely Gotochi cards, or for any interesting card that catches my fancy. If you are interested in any of these cards, you may check them all out here and send me a message using my contact form.  :-))

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